Buying or selling your property can be a complicated process and overwhelming for individuals or companies. This process can be especially stressful for the first time home buyers. Lawyers in these transactions make sure that all documents are properly filled, filed, and registered. Ross Chepil has been practicing Residential and Commercial Law since its start, with highly knowledgeable staff ready to help guide you through the process of buying or selling your property and making sure you stay informed at all stages. Countless clients return to our firm for their real estate needs, preferring the more personal approach.
Our Lawyers will assist you in the following:

  • Residential and commercial purchase and sale transactions
  • Assignment of Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • New condo and house purchase directly from the builder
  • Power of Sale transactions
  • Multi-Unit Properties
  • Severance of Lots
  • Title Transfer
  • Deal with property upon death of the owner(s)
  • Review of Agreements and Status Certificates
When we represent the purchaser in a real estate transaction we complete several different specific tasks after we receive and review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

The first step – in the process is signing the Agreement of purchase and Sale (APS). We cannot stress enough how important it is that your lawyer has an opportunity to review the APS, whether it is a resale or brand new house from the builder, we will ensure that all appropriate clauses have been entertained to protect your interest and deposit.

Second step – after the APS has been signed, your next step should be contacting your mortgage specialist to arrange for financing. After your mortgage application has been approved – the lender will send “mortgage instructions” directly to your lawyer.

Third step – Our office will conduct all necessary searches, such as: a title and executions search, building and zoning, analyze all the results to ensure there are no outstanding liens or charges against the property and make certain any are paid on closing. Our office will obtain tax certificates, prepare mortgage documents, and alert the necessary municipalities of the changes in ownership.

Forth Step – Our lawyers will meet with you to review and sign all the documents, answer all and any questions or concerns you may have about the purchase along the way.

Closing Day – is the day when you become a registered owner and receive the keys to your new home. It is impossible to estimate the exact time of the completion of closing. While we attempt to make it as early in the day as possible – we tell our clients that from our experience, the registration and release of the keys happens in the afternoon, we will then accommodate with the pick-up times.

Finally, you will receive a final report from our office within 30 to 45 days after closing.

When selling a property we shall make the sale as simple and clean as possible. We begin by reviewing your Agreement of Purchase and sale and any conditions set out within, making sure they are met by their respective deadlines. We prepare all of the documents for closing and obtain all necessary signatures required to complete the transaction. Our office will inform the necessary tax departments regarding the change in ownership and pay out the balance to the real estate brokerage on your behalf. Making sure to answer any and all questions or queries you may have along the way.
Refinancing your property can be a tool to free up and access your home equity. It is highly recommended that you seek the best financial product by consulting your mortgage specialist, and based on our solid knowledge of refinancing laws and regulations we will assist you in preparation and registration of your new loan. As part of the refinance transaction we will assist you in the following steps:
  • Prepare the required mortgage and related documents
  • Obtain a sub-search of the title
  • Review payout balances outstanding on your existing mortgage or line of credit, and arrange for these to be paid upon receiving the refinance proceeds
  • Meet with you to obtain signatures on closing documents

The purchase of a home often represents most consumer’s single largest investment. Lawyers help prepare and advise mortgage and lending transactions. There are laws, rules, and guidelines dealing specifically with mortgage and loan transactions that need to be followed. Whether you’re taking out a new loan, or discharging an old one, Ross|Chepil will converse with the bank, institution, or lender to gather information and complete all documents that need to be filed and completed prior to closing, making your transaction a timely one.

We deal with 5 major banks as well as with private lenders and other financial institutions including local credit unions.